Vladlen Babcinetchi

Babcinetchi Vladlen | Biography
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vladlen_babcinetchiVladlen Babcinetchi is the representative of the new wave of artists trained in the highest school of Fine Arts of Iasi, one with a length of over 150 years. The sculptor drew his artistic profile and defined his language at the confluence of the Greco-Latin culture that fascinates him, and the newest and boldest contemporary artistic trends. He is inspired of these, not in a mimetic manner, but with a critical spirit and aspiration towards innovation and unspoken. Steadfast, tenacious, tireless seeker of own expression, the artist obtained a formula able to individualize him.

Creative activity

June 2016 –The unveiling of the relief Constantin Stere, C. Stere High-school,Soroca , Rep. Moldova

May 2016 – Unveiling of the monumental ensemble “Spirit si memorie” (Spirit and Memory) -Tomesti, Iasi
December 2015– Personal exhibition organized on the occasion of the National Day of Romania by ICR (Romanian Cultural Institute) Chisinau,
State Philharmonic “S. Lunchevici” Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
September 2015 – The unveiling of the statue of Stephen the Great and the Holy, Tomeşti –Iaşi, Romania
October 2014 –Personal exhibition BABCINETCHI 2014
September 2013– Presentation of D. Cantemir bust, Romanian Academy, Iaşi Branch
June 2013– Presentation of Al.I.Cuza bust, Union Museum, Iaşi
February 2011 – The unveiling of the bust „V.Urseanu”, Starfleet Command, Constanta,Romania
August 2010 – The unveiling of bas-relief „Simbol Heraldic”, Starfleet Command,Constanta, Romania
March 2009 – The unveiling of bas-reliefs of “Dimitrie Cantemir” and “Antioh
Cantemir”, National Library from Sankt –Petersburg, Russian Federation
April 2007 –The unveiling of the bust of “Eminescu”, Romanian Embassy, Moscow,Russian Federation
August 2006 – The unveiling of the bust of “I.Murgescu”, The School of Warrant Officers “I. Murgescu”, Constanta, Romania
April 2006– Personal exhibition of bas-reliefs „Domnitori Români” (Romanian Rulers),Miliary Circle, Constanta, Romania
December 2006 – Personal exhibition „Torsuri feminine” (Female Torsos), Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
August 2005 – Personal exhibition of bas-reliefs „Navigatori celebri” (Famous Navigators), Naval Academy Mircea cel Batrân,
Constanta, Romania

Participations in exhibitions and creative symposiums:

September 2014 – Vera World Fine Art Festival, Lisbon, representative of CNR UNESCO Romania, the works Angel’s Call, Babel, Cherub,
sculpture award nomination
July 2011 – Exhibition Military Circle Bucharest, the work “Seascape”
June 2011 – The international conference “Romanian-Russian cultural interference: S.Petersburg- Iasi” Iasi City Hall, works “Cuza”,
“Cantemir”, ”Silence”
October 2010 – Exhibition „Trei culori cunosc pe lume” (Three Colours of the World), Dana Gallery Iasi, works “Cuza”, “Silence”
February 2010 – The exhibition “Atelier 35”, World Trade Centre Iasi, the work “Morning”
September 2009 –UAP (Union of Plastic Artists) Exhibition, World Trade Centre Iasi, the work “Silence”
February 2009 – Exhibition “Atelier 35” , World Trade Centre Iasi, the work “The Tree of Life”
September 2008 –House of Culture “Mihai Ursachi” from Iasi, the work “A very long story”
August 2008 – Graphics Symposium Unesco, Eforie Nord, the work “The Bride”
August 2007 – Sculpture Symposium, University from Petrosani, the work “Gate of Heaven”
June 2006 – Exhibition of sculpture at Pascani City Hall, the work “Venus”
June 2005– Sculpture Symposium Casa Alba, the work “Draga”
October 2005 –“G.Enescu” University from Iasi, works „Christ” , “Apollo” ,“The Owl”

ernship at RTU Riga, Latvia


2014-2015 – Postdoctoral scholarship within project Janus II, Al. Ioan Cuza University, Iaşi , Project –The golden ratio in decorative art from the space of
Caspian Sea- internship at the State University “Akaki Tsereteli” from Kutaisi, Georgia
2008-2011 – Technical University “Gh .Asachi” from Iasi, Faculty of Textile, Leather and Industrial Management PhD in Industrial Engineering
“Research on the area of characterization of the human body from an
antropomorphological perspective with applications in art and clothing constructive design”
March – June 2011 – Research Internship at RTU Riga, Latvia